Say goodbye to anxiety and hello to clarity, as you tap into a limitless wellspring of inner strength. Feel the vibrant energy surging through your body, fueling your creativity and productivity. Breathwork is your passport to a happier, healthier, and more vibrant life. Embrace it, and get ready to breathe your way to a life filled with boundless joy and endless possibilities!

Discover the incredible power of breathwork and watch as it revolutionizes your life! Imagine having a secret superpower that can boost your energy, reduce stress, and unlock your full potential – that's what breathwork can do for you. With every mindful inhale and exhale, you're not just breathing, you're transforming.

9D Breathwork is a life-changing journey where every breath is a step closer to your best self, it's about rekindling the spark of life within you. It's like a daily dose of positivity that rewires your brain for happiness. Imagine waking up each morning with a zest for life, ready to conquer your goals with unwavering confidence. Throughout your 9D journey I will be performing reiki on you, clearing the energy that is no longer serving you and securing the energy that is.  The combination of Breathwork and energy healing is insanely powerful!

So what exactly is 9D Breathwork & ENERGY HEALING?

1. 9D Multi Dimensional Sound Experience

2. Somatic Breathwork: releasing old energy that is trapped in the body - traumas and trapped emotions

3. Guided vocal coaching

4. Solfeggio Frequencies: set up frequencies that have proved to help balance the bodies energy system

5. 432hz harmonic tuning

6. Binaural brain entrainment: different frequencies played separately into each ear

7. Isochronic brainwave tones: one frequency on its own that beats very rapidly

8. Subliminal hypnotic therapy

9. Worldclass Music Composition

9D Layers of the 9d EXPERIENCE

Embark on an incredible
FREE 5 minute 9D Breathwork journey
to get a taste of what you will experience in a full session. Grab a pair of headphones and get ready for your world to be rocked!


I have been a healer from the beginning, but it was breathwork that has unlocked the full extent of my abilities and has led me on my own profound healing journey. And in helping others find their healing through the power of the breath, I have discovered that the true magic of healing lies within us all—it just takes a deep breath to set it free.

I love how much you can unlock within just one 9D Breathwork session, but honestly once you have one session you will be back for more. The feeling you feel after a breathwork session is magic. 

My clients have had profound transformations and unleashed trauma they didn't even realize they were holding on to. 

My advice to you, is to just try atleast the Free 5 Minute journey above and if it resonates on any level, give a full session a chance. Not often enough do we put ourselves first and I am here to empower you to shed the layers and go all in on yourself. Your soul will thank you!

Your breath is your best friend

-  Ghandi