We all have a beautiful energy that surrounds our body. When this energy is balanced, it’s vibrant and healthy. But when the stresses of life get in the way, it can directly affect your energy — physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The good news is that my intuitive connection along with my distance reiki practice can help reset your energy. 

Each client has a unique experience. This work involves tuning into your body’s innate wisdom and requires a dedicated one-on-one approach.

I realized I had a gift of connecting with spirit. Spirit communicates with me in various forms. Mostly I receive visions, however sometimes they will talk to me. Please note, I do not identify as a medium. I can not call on a specific person who has passed in your life and connect you with them. I see myself as a guide to help you remove any blockages that are holding you back in your life. The visions I see may or may not make sense to you at the time of the session.

I use my intuitive visions to help guide you into navigating the messages received during your call. You will receive clarity and awakenings surrounding who you are and who you are meant to become.

So often when we yearn for something more it’s because deep in our subconscious we have buried what we really want.

Maybe we feel it’s safer that way, perhaps we believe it’s a judgement free zone or we don’t even know what we really want but we know it’s something different than our current life.

This was one of the most incredible experiences I've ever had. She truly has a gift of being able to connect herself to you. It's hard to put into words the impact of working with her has had on my life and the direction it's helping to point me in. Thank you Alisa!

- Kelsey J

This was my first reiki experience and certainly not my last!
Alisa was amazing at figuring out my energy fields while also tapping in to things I hadn't thought of in years. I wasn't sure how I was going to feel throughout the process is but she made me feel comfortable the whole time. I cannot express my thankfulness and gratitude enough for what has opened inside of me. Thank you so much Alisa!

- Angie

Alisa was amazing! This was my first reiki experience and I really didn’t know what to expect. Alisa makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed from the beginning and explains everything, every step of the way. It was such an amazing experience and we were able to dive deep into things I never would have thought of. She has an amazing gift and I would highly recommend trying it for yourself!

- Kelsey B

My journey to get here has been anything but ordinary. But, I can say unequivocally called to do this work and share it with everyone.

As a young child I was extremely sensitive. I felt and saw things that others didn’t. My parents told me I had an "active imagination." Throughout my teen years and into adulthood I continued to experience communication with spirits but always tried to ignore it. 

Several years ago, I began seeing visions and feeling emotions that I knew were not connected to me. If I am being very honest this scared me silly and I kept pushing it aside. Then one day I had a vision that was so real, it was something I could no longer ignore. That vision played out almost exactly as I saw it 2 months later. It was a very difficult time in my life but ultimately led to my attunement in Reiki, where everything seemed to come into place.

I realized how powerful this work really is and how helpful it can be in finding that elusive inner balance. I'm being called to help more people and that is what I am passionate about and why you are here today.



An Intuitive Soul Blueprint Session is unlike any experience you have had before. 90 minute deep dive into your soul, walking through each chakra and peeling back the layers to provide clarity on who you are and the path meant for you. Get ready to experience “AHA moments” and moments of deep inspiration. Each of my sessions are very unique; they’re catered specifically to YOU in that moment. I will be shifting your energy blocks and talking you through the different feelings and visions I experience. After the session you will feel various emotions, including calmness, clarity and excitement for your future.

Throughout your Virtual Intuitive Soul Blueprint Reading I will experience visions and feelings and they will be communicated to you the entire time. The session is recorded so you can go back and rewatch as many times as you want. If you are ready to propel forward with confidence, clarity and ease then this is for you!

Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the now the primary focus of your life.

- Eckhart Tolle